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MBX: Where 'X' Stands for Connections
MBX: Where 'X' Stands for Connections
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Why is MBX Different?

First of all, MBX hosts a variety of unique events each month across the globe not just in-person but virtual events as well. We are the modern-day Hybrid Networking Organization!

We as a community believe in the abundance mentality. We are NOT an exclusive group. We believe that there is enough business for everyone! Connections are KEY! Whether you are looking for referrals, joint ventures, collaborations, self-improvement or just to hang out with really cool business professionals, we can help!

MBX operates under a collaborative business approach, where we aim to create opportunities for our members and guests to connect with their ideal referral partners. These partners are other business owners who already serve the same clients as our members, but without being their direct competitors. This approach allows our members to generate ongoing new business without feeling like they are constantly being sold to.

While many other networking groups focus solely on selling to each other or providing direct referrals, MBX emphasizes building relationships and creating connections that benefit all parties involved. Our members may buy from each other, but we don’t promote a sales-driven environment. In fact, many of our members belong to different networking communities, and we encourage them to continue doing so. We believe that the more networking you do, the more valuable you become as a networker to all communities.

Please check our event calendar to see what’s happening near you or on-line! If there are no local events near you, please consider becoming an Area Connector or referring one to us!

The MBX Guarantee: You will NEVER sit in the same room with the same people over and over again at an in-person or virtual event ever again!

Here is a breakdown of the types of events we host:

  • In-person Networking Luncheons (complementary food is included)
  • In-person Networking Mingles (Happy Hours) (lite refreshments are included)
  • In-person Coffee Cliques® (peer to peer masterminds)
  • In-person Power Connectors Brunch (PCB) (round table speed networking)
  • In-person Small Business Extravaganza (SBE) (expo + summit + networking)
  • Virtual Networking Luncheons
  • Virtual Networking Mingles
  • Virtual 1 : 1 Networking Blitz (10 one to one video meetings)
  • Virtual Power Connectors Event (round table speed networking)
  • Virtual Learning Experience (VLE) (training topics)
  • Virtual Small Business Extravaganza (SBVE) (expo + summit + networking)
  • Virtual Coffee Cliques® (peer to peer masterminds)
  • Activity Nights (optional fun events)

Attend your first event and see what we're all about.

Not sure about becoming a member yet? We understand. Come see what MBX can do for you by attending an event in-person or virtually.
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