MBX Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Agreement and Guidelines for Members of the Making Business Connections (MBX Events), formally Maryland Business Connection:

We have certain obligations and codes of conduct we agree to maintain on an on-going basis to continue and fulfill this membership organization.

Communication by MBX: By enrolling in MBX, you agree to receive emails, texts and voice broadcasts from us about upcoming events, member benefits and special offers for members only. You may opt out of these at anytime, just note that you may then miss out on the benefits associated with your membership. We usual several marketing platforms for these communications including Pipeline Pro, SendinBlue, Robly and Dropcowboy so you may need to opt out on each platform as they are not connected. We never share or sell your contact information with anyone outside MBX however, you may also receive updates on events that Blaney Teal Founder of MBX may participate in if she thinks they may be a of value to the MBX Membership.

Overall Policies and Procedures:  Exemplary conduct in professional efforts is expected at all times. Courtesy, honesty, and a willingness to engage with fellow Members is also expected. We do not tolerate high pressure sales tactics, or spamming of any kind.  Unauthorized use or sharing of the event spreadsheets (containing member contact info), sending mass email to members or adding to your email blast without permission, can lead to immediate termination of your membership without refund. 

We also do not tolerate tardiness to events as it sets a bad example for new members and guests.

Please note: Luncheon event doors open 11am. Meeting starts at 11:30am start time which gives you a 30 minute window to arrive. This is open networking time and the best part of the meeting as you can meet guests and new members before the meeting starts. Once the meeting starts, the host may refuse to let late attendees into the event (in-person and virtually) as it is disrespectful and disruptive to the host and attendees. If you arrive after the 30 second introductions have commenced, you will NOT be permitted to enter the event as you are WAY late at that point. So please leave adequate travel time, complete your phone calls by 11:30am and arrive as close to 11am that you can. This does not apply to Happy Hour events as they are open networking with no formal meeting.

Use of the Membership Logo:  For those interested in using our logo to show your involvement/support, please contact us to obtain the files you need for the platform you are using (ie: print or web based and file type). This logo must be used in its entirety, without editing except for size. * NOTE: Logos and Usage Guidelines will be periodically updated and we will supply all final versions to Members.

Membership Benefits: Receive our newsletter, mailings, and email alerts about events, conferences, training and more. Discounts to certain special events. Complimentary food at local events*. Directory Listing Member to Member Deals. Member Benefits are subject to change at anytime. We are constantly added more benefits to our membership. 

  • MBX charges a Reserve Your Seat fee at registration for ALL regular in-person luncheons and mingles. This is due to the high NO SHOW rate which affects our food count and prep for venues and caterers. This fee is non-refundable and will be $2 per event registration up to 24 hours before event start, then $10 after that (late registration, no walk-ins permitted, subject to change at anytime) THIS IS NOT A MEAL FEE.
  • MBX will have the right to add a surcharge to certain venues to account for rising food costs and staffing at some venues. THIS IS NOT A MEAL FEE but a surcharge to offsite rising costs affecting our venue partners. This fee will go directly to the venue and thus be determined by the venue and part of the reservation fee if needed. We will do our best NOT to impose a surcharge but only when needed to secure the venue.

Yearly Memberships will renew automatically each every 12 months unless you cancel within 5 days of anniversary. An email will go out 10 days before renewal to email on file. It is your responsibility to keep your email up to date. No refunds AFTER payment has been processed.  In the event that a Member chooses to cancel their membership before the 12 months is up, the annual membership fee is non-refundable once payment has been processed. Cancellation is easy. Just log into your MBX account and click “cancel”. We won’t even call you to beg you to stay!!

Monthly Memberships are a 12 month commitment then automatically roll over to a month to month membership. Members may cancel this month to month membership at any time (after 12 month) by logging into your MBX account. No refunds AFTER payment has been processed.

You may email [email protected] with questions or to cancel your membership in accordance to these terms and conditions. 

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